3 min readNov 17, 2022


Auxxio as is.

Crypto being the most volatile market in the history of human trading the last thing one needs is an environment lacking legal assurance and for the longest time this has been the case with both crypto currencies as well as crypto assets. However, is here to say no more. ambition is to create a bridge between the physical world and the metaverse. enables owners of art, collectors, art galleries, and artists to certify their physical assets allowing them to possess a verifiably certified copy on the Blockchain, as an NFT.’s intent is to create a sustainable ecosystem. Our primary objectives are lending credibility to both NFT/ Metaverse auctions thus providing guarantees to both buyers and sellers as to the true value of their assets. In turn this affords artists and owners full protection in terms of their intellectual (and or other) property rights.

Through democratizing NFT auctions on our metaverse we envision quantifiable industry growth which in turn should attract both buyers and qualified sellers.

At it is integral to our mission to ensure all investors and participants get reward as our community is integral to our existence as an offering. We will foster commitment through our One Hundred auction rooms as these are to be owned by our partners, also ensuring no “dead spots”. Partners are chosen by our DAO and so ensuring maximum participation by members of the DAO and No corruption of any kind. Auction rooms are divided into One Hundred Auxland, which is up for sale post the initial coin offering. This will afford partners who own these Auxlands a share of 4.5 of the sale prices, to be distributed in AUXX (token). Furthermore, to discourage disappointment we will distribute to all unsuccessful landowners of a particular auction room a reward share of the airdrop pool weekly.’s vision of being the bridge between the physical world and our metaverse is all about giving users a hold of the intangible and a feel of the tangible all the way to the point the one is no more indistinguishable from the other, as it should be. We achieve this through a legal based process of certification underwritten by a legal territory. Additionally, through 3D modelling buyers get to see a lifelike copy of items they are interested in.

We are initially basing our offering on the zkEVM Polygon Chain for all the obvious reasons however this is not to be a conclusive exercise in line with our vision for cross chain functionality. AUXX (token) will be the currency used for transactions on our platform thus already starts off with built in utility however as far as utility goes this will not be the full of extent. Internally AUXX will as previously stated also be the means of rewarding landowners and as the mechanism through which votes are casted in the DAO. It is intended to burn up to 50 percent AUXX as a deflationary mechanism throughout various stages of growth. On Chain Liquidity will be helped along by making AUXX available via farming pools such as Pancakeswap etc. against some of the more popular pairing options. Farmers will thus receive AUXX-LP tokens.

On the outset the Auxxioverse will primarily cater to three interested parties, being:

- Owners { partners} of auction rooms who will propose auctions on the platform.

Such proposals will be fully vetted by a credible system (state backed and endorsed like Commissaires Judiciaiers in France).

- Landowners who will comprise of Investors and or Art lovers seeking to secure their investments on as well as profit from this revolutionary way of investing in the art and auction industries by gaining rewards for each sale conducted on their lands.

- users this could be everyone: art professionals, investors, artists, art lovers, art galleries or even simply curious people. We aim to create a new way to participate in auctions, securely, remotely, and transparently