Diversity over everything else.

3 min readDec 14, 2022

There is a finite measure for crypto initiatives to grow where we find ourselves today especially in terms of general crypto adoption. The investor pool may seem vast to the naked eye but in a broader sense we are but a fishing village. The estimated value of the market may as well seem humongous to the naked eye but in reality, it is the sharp point of a needle when one starts to look at the number of offerings that exist in this market and beyond. As such it is imperative for a project to be clear on its growth strategy, systems and processes.

For Auxxio the key to long term growth is in its DAO and whereas the DAO itself is some ways off one can never start of building your DAO too early. In furtherance of ensuring our DAO is as diverse as possible we are embarking from the outset to be as inclusive as we can afford to be at this point in time. Toward this objective we are reaching out to communities in especially their own languages kicking off this week with our Spanish campaign. There is nothing as respectful as trying to speak to a community in their native language, we are that much respectful and as we go along, we commit to remain as respectful. Hopefully, the foundation we lay today will enable us to grow to the point where we will need to facilitate customer queries on platforms like telegram and discord in the various languages of the world And this of course would be a very good thing.

Here and now the project is based in France and for the greatest will be rolled out in English primarily but not exclusively as can be seen with our LinkedIn profile as well which is in French. It is important to state that these are not just marketing ploys at all Even though marketing strategies are critical for overall value adding. Ensuring we work towards a strong DAO in this way is a value adding mechanism all by itself.

I reiterate that the fundamental underlying our multilingualism is ensuring long term growth and a diverse DAO would not only enable us to grow steadily but more importantly it will empower us to bring new blood into the realm of web3 transacting. Right now, Gamefi is predominantly enjoyed by crypto enthusiast and the gaming community is still trading gaming assets via traditional mechanisms thus a relatively untapped market. That right there is a whole lot of new blood. More than often these changes do not come about in the corners of the world one would expect it to but rather in areas of the world often overlooked. Auxxio will not make that mistake.

We are transcending as a project the philosophy of imposing business standards on the very people we depend on for success but seek to empower ourselves with the ability to engineer both the change in mindset we need and as mentioned in previous articles the ability to cultivate trust. As the great Genevan philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau pointed out “Man is born free but everywhere is in chains” we know from modern day experiences that language is or can be an extraordinarily strong chain and we will not chain ourselves.