The road map

Whereas we have all often seen how members in communities demand access to road maps more than often it just ends there and then you are asking yourself “What was that all about?” The other times they use it as a tool to criticize which if needed is a good thing and when not its very destructive regarding nurturing investor sentiment. So here we are ready to report that we have entered the roadmap activation phase and for us We have kicked off brilliantly but that might just be because we are proud of that we have done over and above-mentioned commitments.

As per our roadmap commitments in this month being November 2022, we have Opened our Whitelisting process as required by the legal territories we seek to operate in, and this is to be ongoing until we reach our specified goal in numbers. As mentioned, we have gone over and above our commitments and appointed a Chief Marketing Officer in the persona of Mr. Ferdinand Smith who started his career in marketing at the tender age of eighteen when he was elected media person for his entire township in his country's first democratic elections. Mr. Smith comes highly recommended as an out of the box thinker, an avid pursuer of new mediums for both marketing and advertising. He has polished our website and continue to do so regarding our social media initiatives. Under the guidance of Mr. Smith, we have initiated our awareness campaign in the form of our guerrilla marketing strategy with especially focus on the establishment of our brand.

Going into December 2022 we have decided to defer our private sale temporarily to ensure broader based participation the world over but only till January so not to worry it is not indefinite. For Auxxio as a core team it is imperative that rolling out our platform should do as much good the world over as it can. Our metaverse and auctioneering facilities has the potential to lift so many people out of abject poverty and further empower those that have a little That it should be the world’s tool for addressing economic imbalances so please bear with us on this deferment. Our intended partnership announcement is still well on track with negotiations ongoing. This very first partnership should be a consolidation of efforts of all sorts and as such cannot be a partnership for the sake of an announcement or merely for hype. Our doors remain open to anyone who agrees completely with us on the way forward as well as our mission to be not just about profit margins but to be an enablement toward lifting yourself out of your circumstance irrespective where you find yourself in the world. We are especially enthusiastic about undoing the strive the internet has brought artist because of piracy etc. Our airdrop being a means to give back to our community Even before we have made a cent is ongoing however since we will not be minting until January 2023 distribution will only be able to happen thereafter. We are in the process of securing giveaways and to this effect we welcome short term partnerships as well. Hopefully by December our communities will be of such a size that entities will see it as the perfect means to further their marketing efforts.

Whereas work has already gone into January 2023 key indicators of our progress regarding delivering on said commitments it is unwise to report on these as so much can change between now and then we would rather not confuse anyone and as such for now refrain from raising anything on these. Auxxio remains committed to transparency but as the old saying goes “Timing is everything” meaning all reporting will happen but just as timely as this.

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