What is the security we offer as Auxxio in relations to our Auctions within the context of NFT and Gamefi assets?

2 min readNov 30, 2022

As we saw in March of this year the Sales Council of France (comprised of the best legal, academic as well as business minds in the auctioneering sector and overseen by the national minister) rolled out a comprehensive understanding regarding the sale and auctioneering of NFTs as well as Gamefi assets. This came about after the council commissioned a comprehensive report on NFTs and Gamefi assets. Primarily this council put forward six recommendations for both the state and the public to consider.

These recommendations were accepted by the 400 delegates present at the discussion in March of this year whilst on this same day the publication of the law modernizing the regulation of the art market which authorizes auction houses to sell intangible assets, therefore NFTs took place.

Thus, NFT auctions via state recognised auction houses and auctioneers are now completely legal in France. So, what now?

Now it is a matter of ensuring reliable avenues for said Especially independent auctioneers to be able to roll out this revolution and this is where Auxxio is looking to position itself as the key ingredient to a marvellous recipe for success. Easily the most important of these recommendations put forward by the council is the need for a legal framework within which to conduct such auctions and processes thereto. Auxxio will be the very embodiment of this framework to ensure the utmost compliance by all interested parties in every respect. We have one of the foremost legal minds on this subject in the form of Léo Constanty a fully qualified lawyer specialising in information technology/ intellectual property rights to ensure our interpretation of the legal framework and all applicable laws are correct and meets the standard.

Positioning at such a level requires that Auxx.io’s systems and processes must matter of fact be the most optimal and this we will achieve but better, yet we want to ensure that the character and feel of crypto trading is not lost in the end. To hold true to the essence of crypto trading we will establish both the Auxxioverse and our Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) and this will eventually ensure that Auxxio as a tool And Auxxio as a social space holds true as a crypto initiative. For the purpose of such positioning, thou we must be willing to meet the legal standard every step of the way and this we will do with as little as possible inference on that which makes crypto, Crypto meaning we will do whatever we can to ensure people’s privacy etc.

For all of us on this journey this is unchartered waters ahead and we are committed to ensure Auxxio is designed to withstand the most turbulent of these through constant adapting and innovation. Vive la révolution NFT !